Elvers-Hansen Maskinfabrik has merged with Noehrs Maskinfabrik, Noerre Alslev, Denmark                
Best regards,
Mikael Nøhrs and Søren Rosenkilde
All activities will continue in Nøhrs Maskinfabrik Aps
All activities at Elvers-Hansen Maskinfabrik will continue in Nøhrs Maskinfabrik Aps
We have now operated the two companies at the same time the last year and a half.
It is now time to merge the two companies together to one.
The company name Elvers-Hansen will disappear over and all operations will continue under
Nøhrs Maskinfabrik Aps.
Most important of all is, that the people are still the same
This merge will not have any influence in our future cooperation.
You will be serviced by the same staff, who is familiar with your special needs.
Mikael Nøhr
Tlf. 22 34 54 00
Mail: mn@nmfabrik.dk
Web: www.nmfabrik.dk

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Noehrs Maskinfabrik | Peter L. Jensensvej 2 | DK 4840 Noerre Alslev | Phone: +45 54 43 54 00