What we do
We provide both complete units and components for further installation of our customers. Our deliveries are often directly to production without further verification by the customer. We deliver quality on time.

As a customer of Nøhrs Machine you will see that we take responsibility for the manufacture of machine components. This applies regardless of whether the job gets done on the basis of finished drawings or whether it is close sparring in the construction and prototyping.

With us, quality, compliance with delivery date and competitive

In addition to traditional CNC machine work we also manufacture:

• Blacksmith work steel and stainless
• Welding MIG / MAG and TIG
• 4 tones crane capacity at the workshop
• Assembling 2 service cars
• Pre-assembly in the workshop
• Plane grinding
• Glass Blowing
• Grinding of stainless pipes
• Prototyping and Development
• Chemical washing
• Storage and packaging directly to the end user

Noehrs Maskinfabrik | Peter L. Jensensvej 2 | DK 4840 Noerre Alslev | Phone: +45 54 43 54 00