A rapidly developing  machine factory ...

Nøhrs Machine is a dynamic and modern machine factory.
The company was founded in 1988 by Michael Nohr.

Mikael Nohr started its business in an old barn in 1988, next to his job as a toolmaker in Copenhagen.
28 years of experience, coupled with new CNC technology means that we can offer manufacturing of metals and plastics in our factory with CNC and blacksmith shop

Nøhrs Machine is subcontractor to manufacturers and users of machine components in Denmark and worldwide.
We primarily manufacture machine components from single pieces to large series.
We act as a sparring partner to design and prototype manufacturing and is keen to work closely with our customers.
This means that we serve number of our customers for the supply of machinery components including assembly and installation
Often supplies parts after production and surface treatment packed and shipped in protective packaging directly to end-user worldwide.
Elvers-Hansen Maskinfabrik has merged with Nøhrs Maskinfabrik, Nørre Alslev, Denmark. Read more
Noehrs Maskinfabrik | Peter L. Jensensvej 2 | DK 4840 Noerre Alslev | Phone: +45 54 43 54 00